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Orange County Private Investigator, Sal W. Hanna, serving lawyers, companies, bail agents, and private parties. Offering Background Investigations, Skip Tracing, Registered Process Service, Armed and Plain Cloths Undercover Investigations.

Litigation Investigators offers Expert Witness Services in the following categories:
California Gangs
Collision Investigation
Forensic Data Recovery
Security (Corporate, Private and Close Protection)

Photographic & Video Evidence (Including Image Manipulation)

Our Agents and Private Investigators are licensed, have current or former law enforcement experience and educational experience related to their field of expertise. Many are current or former Federal Investigators and Forensic Experts. Proven track results and multiple years of experience. Our Investigators can secure evidence that is admissible in court and as Officers of the Court our testimony is considered equal to weight as any other Officer of the Court, Law Enforcement or Public Official per the California Private Investigator Act.

As a full-service Investigation Agency, in conjunction with Southern Executive Security Services, Litigation Investigators offers Executive Protection. We specialize in the placement of Close Protection Agents, including Armed or UnArmed Professional Drivers, Uniformed or Plain Clothes Protection Agents, Counter Surveillance Detection and many other services for celebrities, royalty, public figures, dignitaries, diplomats, politicians, corporate executives, professionals, VIPs, athletes, families and children.

Whether you need an unarmed live-in Close Protection Agent, a military-trained and armed agent for a business trip in a hostile region, an armed chauffeur, protection for your family, or crowd control, Southern Executive Security Services (PPO 17783) has you covered. We have offices in three locations in California; Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and San Diego. Our team of security professionals have undergone specialized training in close personal protection, tactical combat, driving, hand to hand defense and other specialties so that we may provide you with an elite team of agents to protect you, your valuables and your family and friends.

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Orange County, California Private Investigation Agency, Litigation Investigators PI 27104, is based in Huntington Beach, CA. We specialize in litigation, high profile clients, confidential matters, entertainment and corporate security relations, and intelligence operations. We service all areas of Southern California with California Licensed Private Investigators and Registered Process Servers. Utilizing Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers, Advanced Firearms Training and Concealed Carry Weapons Permits. Specializing in Attorney and Legal Related Services. When others are unable to accomplish the task at hand, Litigation Investigators exceeds expectations. Our investigators have access to highly confidential, proprietary information that others simply can not get!

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